mXers Modular Earbuds


Affordably Priced

Earbuds can become a costly possession. With mXers you can buy the parts you need without having to waste money on those you already have. Repair and Customize your earbuds your way.


Easy Repairability

No longer do you or anyone else ever have to throw away an entire set of earbuds just because a single part breaks, With mXers If you break a part simply replace the part that broke.


Modular Design

Our patent pending modular earbud platform is the first of it's kind. By splitting our earbud system into five components, you can customize, personalize and repair all with a snap, twist, and bam!


Limitless Customization

With mXers you can change the color, style and fit of your earbuds within seconds. Regardless of the occasion, mXers will look and stay in while you party and jam out.


The Happenings


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