mXers Audio Modular Earbuds


In classic mXers blue and pearl white, our first kit is everything you could ask for in a pair of high-quality earbuds,

Our StayFIT earbuds, molded in a matte mXer Blue color, make sure you can work out while your buds stay in. The special design takes the shape of your ear to ensure a comfortable experience and secure fit, while its special seal reduces outside noise to create an uncompromising sound.

Our wires, in a pristine pearl white, are fashioned from durable, fray-resistant materials to secure the integrity of audio transmission through the system.

At the heart of our earbuds lies the splitter, mXers blue, where a wire connects the base to the auxiliary connector. The top of the splitter contains two MxC connection ports to create wide avenues of customization.

We plan to release new options monthly upon our full release, creating an ever-expanding number of choices and options for you to personalize your earbuds, all with a "Snap. Twist. and BAM!".


  • MODULAR: Patent-pending modular centric design allows for easy repair and customization with only a simple snap. Earbud and wire system divides into Five Separate Parts that can be interchanged yet are extremely durable at the connection points with a 5lb draw strength
  • SECURE FIT: The earbud's Stay-fit design is ergonomically crafted to comfortably contour to the shape of your ear so they won't fall out. To double down on this the design also allows wires to be comfortably wrapped behind the ear so the wire cannot pull on your ears during activity
  • UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY: Precise audio delivered via 10mm acoustic drivers are complimented by a noise cancelling design for an enhanced listening experience. Water-resistant speakers and fray-resistant wires give these earbuds the durability needed to survive the harshest activity
  • CONTENTS:  Two mXers Earbuds | mXers blue - Two MxC (mXers Connector) cables | Pearl White - One Splitter-Aux Cable | mXers blue - Pearl White Case - Warranty, Instructions and Product Information Booklets

Limitless Customization

With mXers, you can change the color, style, and fit of your earbuds within seconds. And whether you are bass heavy, treble crazy, or classically precise, you can choose your earbuds based off the sound. You have the ability to make your earbuds look and feel exactly the way you want them.


Easy Repair and Affordable Price

With interchangeable parts, repairing earbuds is infinitely easier and cheaper. If a single part breaks, as is true in the case of most earbud malfunctions, you won’t have to replace the entire set, but rather will only have to replace a single part.


Our patent pending modular earbud platform is the first of it's kind. Each pair or earbuds contains five distinct parts, two buds, two wires and a splitter that can be interchanged. Although our earbuds can be separated, our specialized McX connections maintain a secure grip between components ensuring premium sound quality.


While our earbuds can be repaired easily, we put extra effort into creating a sturdy, durable design. Our wires are made of fray resistant materials and our connections are designed to stay in while you jam out.

Stay-Fit - Noise Cancelling Design

Our StayFIT earbuds ensure your earbuds stay in while doing any activity, from working out to jamming in your room. The special design is contoured to the shape of your ear, creating a comfortable experience for all ear shapes and forming a sound proof seal that reduces outside noise to create an uncompromising listening experience.


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